The management team

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The MACH leadership team is a complex assembly of skills, expertise and visions.

The president Vincent Chiara has breathed his passion and drive for the excellency and aesthetics in his whole company. This synergy sets all MACH’s projects apart from its competitor’s. It is a brand new way to make property development, more human, more responsible. The MACH leadership team has built strong cultures and values that make us proud.

  • Vincent Chiara

    Vincent Chiara



    For over twenty years, Vincent Chiara has built outstanding and game-changing projects. Acknowledged by his peers, he has influenced real estate development in Quebec with the strength of his convictions. Having acquired a law degree from the Université de Sherbrooke, he quickly developed a keen interest in real estate and decided to give it his full attention. MACH is born of a deep desire to have a team build great things with heart and determination. Vincent Chiara has assembled a company of seasoned professionals and experienced associates from every sector. Together they have propelled Mach to the pinnacle of success, with an emphasis on the pursuit of excellence and environmental concerns.
  • Pierre-Jacques Lefaivre

    Pierre-Jacques Lefaivre

    Executive Vice-President

  • Stephen Champion

    Stephen Champion

    Executive Vice-President, Ontario & Western Canada

  • Alfred Buggé

    Alfred Buggé

    Executive Vice-President | MACH Capital

  • Ben Vendittelli

    Ben Vendittelli

    Executive Vice-President | MACH Capital

  • Vince Di Domenico

    Vince Di Domenico

    Vice-President | Operations

  • Rossana Zeppilli

    Rossana Zeppilli

    Vice-President | Finances and Human Resources

  • Max Francischiello

    Max Francischiello

    Vice-President | Leasing

  • Stéphane L'Espérance

    Stéphane L'Espérance

    Vice-President | Construction

  • Michaël Saint-Louis

    Michaël Saint-Louis

    Vice-President | Financing