It was with great pride that I accepted the invitation from the Rotary Club of Quebec to chair the Huitres et Merveilles event for the benefit of the Grand Village. It is an honor for me to join this organization which, for more than 55 years, has contributed to improving the quality of life of people living with a disability or an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and that of their family.

With the end of this pandemic that has changed our lives, the need for respite for these families is even more pressing. They held the fort without flinching despite the few resources available, by dint of resilience and courage. Their ability to meet challenges and trials on a daily basis made them real heroes of real life. But now more than ever, they need a break.

This is what the Grand Village offers them: a break, without worry and without worry, thanks to safe structures adapted to the specific needs of their clientele, but also thanks to the support of competent, passionate and motivated professionals and that of ' a team of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. It is an essential service for hundreds of families for whom the Grand Village makes a big difference.

Behind this cause there are families: children who have been isolated for months and months, parents, brothers and sisters who are at the end of their rope. It’s each of them to think about, who to give to.

I therefore appeal to the generosity and proverbial spirit of solidarity of Quebecers. Give generously so that these families can find, for a while, the calm and peace of mind so that they can resume their struggle.

MACH and the Grand Village share the same values of respect, trust, cooperation and authenticity. We believe in the strength of a community, in the preponderant place of the family at the heart of our society and above all in the need for everyone to invest in it to the best of their ability. It is in this spirit of sharing and collaboration that we will remain a strong and united society.

I would like to underline the commitment and dedication of the Rotary Club of Quebec, founder of the Grand Village and constant support since 1965.

Let us live up to our reputation: generous, strong and united for these children, for these parents, for these families.

Vincent Chiara
Founding President
Groupe MACH


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