About MACH

MACH is a key player in the Quebec commercial real estate sector and one of the leading office property owners in the province.

About MACH

MACH creates values

For more than twenty years, MACH’s real estate projects have had a structural, sustainable and appreciable impact on cities and neighbourhoods as well as on the lives of residents, consumers and visitors. The creation of human and economic values is the cornerstone of our group.

Human Values: Always at the Forefront

We build properties to create new ways of living, a collective experience integrating beauty, usefulness and accountability. From the first pencil sketch to the last coat of paint, people are at the heart of our vision. That’s why each MACH creation is a blend of art, architecture, urbanism and ingenuity, designed to enrich the urban landscape and contribute to the expansion of the community.

Economic Values: Long-term Perspective

For MACH, optimal building performance, sustainable development and environmental responsibility are the essential earmarks of profitable urban expansion. We’re always looking for ways to maximize the value of our properties and create positive long-term economic impact for our investors, our investments and our communities.

An Experienced Leader, Blue Chip Properties

MACH is known for its expertise in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential projects as well as for the harmonious integration of multi-use environments. The company is a leader in all facets of development including acquisitions, construction and real estate management. Since its creation, Mach has built up a portfolio of over twenty million square feet of commercial real estate, making it one of the major players in this market and one of the biggest owners of office space in Quebec. The company owns several noteworthy local landmarks such as the Sun Life Building, the CIBC Tower, Place Victoria, the Quartier des lumières and the Telus Building in Quebec City.