Our expertise

For 20 years, we have been an active player in the real estate industry. Acquiring unique expertise, developing it and raising it to a very high level.

Our expertise

We are proud to do things differently. We nurture that difference. It brings us closer to the vital elements of substance and form. It enables us to fully focus on it. We neglect no detail, no effort to reach excellency for the benefit of communities where we take root, of our partners with whom we develop lasting relationships based on trust and of our tenants.

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    Real estate development

    Our multidisciplinary team brings together experienced architects, urbanists and engineers working on innovative and inspiring projects, making them global successes. We are creative, we imagine new concepts suited to a constantly evolving reality. For the last two decades, we have acquired an unparalleled expertise in property development.

    We create living environments, workplaces, places of amusement, each one of them focused on humanly aspects of everyday life. We believe that sustainable development, social conscience and innovation can bring prosperity to the community.

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    Real estate management

    Our day-to-day management strategy allows us to reach the higher levels of performance and quality. In Montreal, Laval, Quebec and Sherbrooke, our teams work hard to improve the working atmosphere of our tenants, minimize our environmental imprint and optimize everyone’s investments. As proactive and responsible managers, we aim for the highest standards. We reach them by using creative and sustainable solutions that have positive impacts on the environment and our tenants' well-being.

    To meet our objectives, we invest in the continuous training and specialization of our teams. Our vertical development ensures we have a fully integrated property management and deliver consistent quality service.

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    Construction and conversion

    The world has changed, so has the way to do things. Being a more performant, more productive, more responsible builder means conceiving and applying new techniques and practices to thought-out projects. We allied with seasoned builders that works tightly with our development and exploitation teams, to carry innovative projects that bring prosperity and meet the highest standards of quality, performance and sustainable development.

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    Rental and brokerage

    Thanks to a solid partnership with a skilled broker team we have developed a rental department that constantly brings innovative and creative solutions to improve and simplify the broker experience. By collaborating with our legal team, they work relentlessly to answer the tenants' needs and the constant evolutions of the market.