Space Rental

Groupe Mach is a leader in all aspects of development, acquisition and real estate management. Mach seeks to create an economic impact and long-term value for the communities in which it operates, the companies in which it invests and for its investors.

For Groupe Mach, environmental engagement and building performance are fundamental attributes of eco-responsible urban development and demonstrate a commitment to positively impacting the community.

Property Management

Groupe Mach manages internally the majority of its properties. Thanks to the expertise of its staff and together with handpicked suppliers, it has developed a comprehensive intervention strategy for each property so that it becomes a quality environment in harmony with the urban landscape, a privileged space meeting all needs. Our managers, strongly experienced and well-equipped with leading-edge technology tools, provide impeccable service to our tenants!

Service to tenants

This section, reserved for our tenants, contains important documents and information relating to their lease and their rental. It is also at this section that the call service module can be found and the contact information of the manager of the building they occupy.

Tenant space

Property Development

From the selection of prime sites to the delivery of you space, respecting the tightest schedules, Groupe Mach manages all steps of a project with the same pursuit of excellence. By exploiting the potential of a site, Groupe Mach continues to demonstrate rigor, integrity and responsibility. Aiming for quality, sustainable development and community integration, Groupe Mach projects are the result of reflection and a clear vision.