Maison Radio-Canada

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The CBC site redevelopment project will total just over 3 million square feet of land. This mixed-use project will include offices, commercial spaces, green spaces, water plan and a residential portion that includes socio-community and affordable housing. It will welcome an extended clientele: students, young couples, families, single people and retirees.

It is perfectly located in a completely revitalized area thanks to numerous private and public projects that abound all around. It is close to downtown, the Quartier des Spectacles and the Quartier de la Santé and more to be neighboring a high density residential area. Close to the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, the Ville-Marie Expressway and René-Lévesque Boulevard, the site offers easy access. The Beaudry metro station (Green Line) is less than 250 m away and many bicycle paths converge towards this future development.

It is with a will to contribute to the community and social development of the environment while favoring a practice of sustainable development that Group Mach initiates this project. Since its construction, the CBC Tower is a true landmark in the landscape of Montreal. Its conversion into modern office spaces will give it a second wind.


1400, boul. René-Lévesque est, Montréal H2L 2M2
Year of construction: 2018
Total area: 3,390 333 sq.ft.
Number of floors: Variable
Area of a standard floor: Variable
Parking: Interior and exterior
Types : Office, Residential

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